Jul 14 | Why a “Periodic Table” of New Brunswick? Simple… I saw it on a t-shirt!

Let me explain – I’m a collector and I’m often in second-hand stores all over the province. I was recently browsing through some t-shirts on one of my trips to my favorite used goods venue and noticed a shirt with a “Periodic Table” of Brooklyn, with elements listed that show off the best the famous New York City borough has to offer. I thought, “Hey, that would be great for New Brunswick, especially in honour of Canada 150.”

So I dusted off my graphic design training, inspired by that t-shirt, and went to work. I’ve been to every corner of this great province, through personal and professional travel, so I wanted the table to reflect all the great things you can find here, separated in different categories, identified with different colours – like the actual periodic table of elements. And, I also wanted to reflect the Canada 150 celebrations, so I expended and limited the table to 150 “elements”.

I included our post-secondary institutions (both public and private), parks, historic places, activities, museums, world-renowned homegrown businesses, founding nationalities/people, counties, cities, towns, First Nation communities, rural/urban communities (sorry villages, there are just too many of you), etc. I tried to be as inclusive as possible, but in some cases, like the activities and museums, I had to make subjective choices to fit in my 150 elements parameter. So please don’t be offended if your favorite spot is not listed – there is no ill will. This graphic could’ve been hundreds more elements long and I still couldn’t fit everything to see and do in New Brunswick!

This was my interpretation of how New Brunswick, my home, can be displayed as a “Periodic Table”. Maybe it will become a t-shirt someday too… 

Paul Vienneau,
Noonan (right outside Fredericton, but originally from Edmundston)

Paul Vienneau

Paul “VNO” Vienneau

The ultimate bilingual-Brayon/Acadian (yes, both!), Moncton-educated, Fredericton-employed, WWE-obsessed son-of-a-gun!

A lifelong volunteer and art-enthusiast, with a sprinkle of useless pop culture knowledge on the side, he’s worked in everything from events coordination, tourism, communications and even politics. Applying his marketing and graphic design degrees to all he does, he often sees the world differently, but tries his darnedest to adapt to normalcy with questionable success.

When he does take himself seriously, he prides himself on his work ethic and relationships: a son, a brother, a father, a husband, a friend, a civil servant, a work colleague and a proud New Brunswicker and Canadian – whether he’s speaking English or French. Just don’t disturb him while he’s eating or watching wrestling.

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